My Himalayas adventure started when I’ve read that an ordinary person (like me) – just a tourist not a mountaineer – can enter base camp of the highest mountain in the world. Author mentioned this just by the way, but for me it was true revelation. Once I knew that it’s possible I’ve started looking for the trekking agency which could help me to make it my personal revelation. I’ve chosen Exploring Nepal and this was a good decision which I’ve never regret. From my application for the trek till the arrival to Kathmandu Magda was in often email contact advising, helping, reminding and when necessary calming down. Thanks to Sujan and his employees I don’t needed to worry about transport from and to the airports and hotel. When I finally found myself on the Everest Base Camp Trek Trail I could always count on our guide Nawaraj, I was calm that he keeps eye on our whole group, despite the fact that each of our four had different walking speed. We had full trust to our porters. Thanks to good job done by Exploring Nepal I could have head, eyes, ears open solely for outstanding views, peaceful and friendly Nepali people, sound of mani wheels and often repeated „om mani padme hum” mantra. I almost do not remember anymore that it was difficult to walk above 5000 meters, that it was a bit cold and night and that I had to forget about the shower for several days – you have to be prepared for that if you think about high mountains. But I will always remember and miss what I’ve seen, heard and whom I’ve met in Nepal. Magda, Sujan, Nawaraj, thank you and hope to see you soon.