Gabriela’s and family trip to Nepal

My family and I used Exploring Nepal’s services twice for our trips to Nepal. The first trip was during rain season, with a 7 year old child – not the easiest conditions for organising a round-trip that would satisfy us all: And yet, thanks to Exploring Nepal’s local knowledge and experience, they succeeded to tailor the trip in a way that met all our expectations, and even more. We felt very well taken care of from booking until flying back home. We were welcome to ask any questions we had at any time, also prior to the trip, and always received good and engaged advice. The local guides were helpful and friendly. Thanks to the enormous engagement of the staff of Exploring Nepal, I was also able to organise a small birthday surprise to my husband (whose birthday was during the trip). With this experience, we did not hesitate to book a second trip with Exploring Nepal- and received equally wonderful services. We will therefore definitely use them for future trips to Nepal again. Worth noting is also Exploring Nepal’s ethical approach – it is not a company which only aim is to make as much profit as possible, but it is also socially engaged to help local Nepalese people – under its auspices, an entire village was re-built after the earthquake in 2015. This, as well as their approach to its clients is admirable.

Gabriela and family

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